2016 Fall Championship
Congratulations to all 4 teams participating in the Norristown
Bocce Leagues Fall League's Championship games

2016 Fall Evening League: Ralph & Sal defeats Orr
2016 Fall Senior League: Diamonds defeats Pooch's Pals

2016 Fall League Champion - Ralph & Sal 2016 Fall Senior League Champion - Diamonds

Pictured L to R: Tom Doyle, Ralph Sposato Jr, Ralph Sposato Sr, Vincenzo Algieri, Sal Esposito Sr, Sal Esposito Jr

Pictured L to R: Phil Deleo, Sandy Salamone, Diane Butera, Donna Wilson, Joe Vargo, Debbie Cane

Second Place Orr: Marc Brown, Francis Orr, Drew Orr, Rick Carty, Nick Zabella, Brian Swartz

Second Place Pooch's Pals: Don DiFilippo, Maureen Giangreco, John Pulcini, Sandy Campbell, John Angelucci


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